A Stiles book is available, proceeds to benefit SFA

Lois Ogden Stiles Sparks wrote the book entitled:

A History of the David Stiles Family – A Genealogy  – 1575-1980

A few copies of the book are available through Thelma Stiles Malecek, SFA Historian.   Please see information below to contact us about the book.

    The book was published in 1980 and it is a continuation of the work by:   Ezra Stiles, President of Yale College, New Haven, CT, written about 1762 (First Stiles Historian).

    Henry Reed Stiles:   Stiles Family in America (Conn. Family), published 1895 (Second Stiles Historian)

    Judge LaFayette Stiles Pence:   The History of the Stiles Family in Kentucky and Missouri – published 1896 (Third Stiles Historian)       

    Lewis Ogden Stiles –   The Family of David Stiles, published 1939 (Fourth Stiles Historian)

The book by Lois Sparks contains a chapter on “Places of Historic Family Interest – including Milbroke, Bedfordshire, England; Windsor, Connecticut; Stratford, CT; Morristown, NJ; and Stiles, KY.”    It also includes a comprehensive index.   It is arranged in the manner of the book by author Henry Reed Stiles.

Recommended donation for the book by Lois Ogden Stiles Sparks:  $ 30.00 (includes shipping). Additional money received (above shipping costs) will go to support the work of the Stiles Family of America historians.  Please contact our Treasurer, Richard Darlington, contact page, to let us know that you are interested in obtaining a copy of this book – please put attn.:  “Lois Sparks book” in the subject line.  Note that there is a limited number of copies available.