DNA Project

Over 313,000 names in our database and many more in our hard copy files.
The Stiles Family of America (SFA) voted at the annual meeting in July 2007 to formally establish a DNA project to better enable members of the family to better follow their ”roots”. The SFA has decided to use Family Tree DNA as our main testing facility. We do have a public profile page hosted by FTDNA. It is the Stiles Surname Project.
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Surname Project

Groups of individual DNA results in the SFA surname project
A description of the relationships in and between the groups of Stiles/Styles in the Stiles Surname DNA project. We examine the Y-DNA37 results. There are currently 76 such. There are 17 groups, 13 of which have more than one member and four that have a genealogical trail back to England and no competing genetic lines…