What you want to know without having to read too much?    We want to work with you as it helps both you and us.  We need to share information so we maximize the interchange.

Contact us and tell us what you know about what you are interested in, what you already know and what you have tried.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.    For general genealogical and DNA inquiries contact: 

To find out more on what our background is read on, but if you just want to start the dialog just send the email.

For years the SFA has been a resource for inquiries about genealogy relating to Stileses.   Our Historian Emeritus over the last 50-plus years has given, and continues to give, help to many thousands of inquirers.  From those helped, we obtained information to expand our electronic file to over 350,000 people and thousands of relationships.  Our current Historian has given similar help when asked.  They have worked as a very efficient team and will continue to do so.

We can help the inquirer with added insight, search recommendations, and valuable information from the vast store of information in our electronic and paper files, it also helps the SFA because the inquirers share what information they have.  This partnership between inquirer and the SFA has been very productive for both.  Genetic testing of Y-DNA studies and other, relatively new tools, have become invaluable in many cases.  There are additional new tools and resources becoming available each year.  Hence, to be more effective, we have combined all our points of entry for assistance by organizing our Genealogy Panel.

The Panel consists of Chairs (Historian and Historian Emeriti), the Assistant Historian, Genetic Genealogy Project Administrator, a consulting genealogist and other members appointed by the President.    All are knowledgeable and have access to resources and to each other.   Family history builds on genealogical information and we have those who can give advice and, in addition, we have the resources to help you write your family history.  Because of the specialized relationship of our Stiles Surname project to genealogy via Y-DNA testing, we have a Sub Panel concentrating on GENETIC GENEAOLGY (see below).

Upon the receipt of an inquiry, it is reviewed to be sure that the inquirer has given us all the information, sources and results of their own research so that their work is not duplicated by the panel.  The members of the panel act as a team with all informed of every inquirer’s knowledge and desires.  Duplication of effort is counterproductive, such as giving advice to try something that they have already done.  When that is assured, the request is sent to the panel.  A particular panelist is chosen to head up the pursuit of information and prepare a response for this case.  This is usually the main team, the Historians.  Your information is neither shared with nor sold to any organization similar to, nor is it shared with Internet sites such as, for instance, GenForum or the like.  Information received is shared with the SFA Genetic Genealogy Panel alone.

It is critical to have an agreement with the inquirer that any further information that they find, that would be of interest to the SFA, will be sent to us as our work together is that of a partnership.

We provide this service as we enjoy helping people in their research, record keeping and documentation in the area of Stiles genealogy.  We work as advisors and not the engine of someone else’s family tree.

If you would like the advice and help that the Panel might be able to supply, please contact

Send us the information you have on all known generations, spouses, children and siblings, with birth, death, marriage and residence information.  Also please send full names including maiden names, middle names if known and even nicknames.   This extra type of information would help us connect your information with ours.  Please also describe what research you have already done with the sources you have already consulted.  The sources for specific information, e.g. census record, Family bible, etc. should be cited.  Such information will go into the master file.  Documentation is critical for evaluating connections and to locate individuals.   For the subject of the email please type in SFA Genealogy Panel.


Almost all of our involvement with Genetic Testing has have been with the results of Y-DNA test (which follows the paternal line).  It has been helpful in the past and we are assured that it will be so in the future.  It will still be the major focus.  Within the SFA there has been little work done with the mtDNA test (which follows the maternal line) or the Family Finder test  which tracks all recent ancestors for a few generations.  In addition there is a new test which proposes to reach even more relatives who have taken the test.  We will concentrate on new efforts to glean as much information for the inquirer and the SFA from genetic testing.

The panel’s  goals include assisting the Genealogy Panel in its goals, to aid in the inquirer’s determination of how the genetic tests could help in their own genealogical search and which one can may be the better test to take. The Sub Panel will aid in the interpretation of any new evidence from the test when possible.  For information click here: