Stiles Library & Historical Research


Stiles Family Library & Ongoing Historical Research

The Stiles genealogical library is located at Warren, Ohio, and contains data from many workers over many years, some published and much from unpublished records. Sheila Stiles, SFA Historian, and Joyce Stiles Stern, SFA Assistant Historian, are constantly adding information from diverse sources to provide careful documentation and connect data temporarily located in “Family Link” files (previously referred to as Missing Link files). Work by volunteers toward scanning and cataloging records in the SFA library continues – if you are interested in helping, please see the “Support the SFA” page!

For more information, please send an email to “Historian” on the Contact Us page.

You can also post your Stiles family questions or research findings to the Stiles Family of America Facebook page, where you may be able to connect with cousins searching the same lines.

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